Enjoying the digital nomad life next to the beach in Fiji!

Bula! That’s “hello”in Fidjian… Another funny greeting for my international vocabulary! After a short 2h flight from Auckland, I arrived again in a tropical climate. Now I was 100% sure that I wouldn’t need my Kathmandu thermals here in Fiji! After passing the friendly officers of immigration, I left the airport and made my way to my host.

Couchsurfing – Lei

While I walked next the airport towards the house of Lei, I had a first taste of the Fidjian friendliness. Every person I met on the road all wished me a friendly “good morning” as I walked by. This is a habit I could get used to!
Thanks to the platform Couchsurfing, I was offered to stay at Lei’s place. Here, I met her 5 children and Leti, a Swiss/Tahitian couchsurfer who arrived just before me. The kids thought us a couple of words of Fidjian and we played some games together.
After having visited the nearby towns Lautoka and Nadi, Leti and I left Lei’s place and surrounded ourself again with backpackers at Bamboo hostel.

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Bamboo hostel

At the hostel, I noticed grey australian expats, young backpackers, travelgroups and families. This diversity resulted in an interesting mix in their restaurant.
After having traveled non-stop for four weeks trough New Zealand, I had to take some responsibility and focus on my work again. I managed to create a productive schedule during these days:

  • 06:30am
    Wake up and swim a couple of lanes in the calm see at sunset
  • 07:15am
    Cold shower followed by a nice breakfast and a decent coffee
  • 08:00am
    Creativity mode activated and I worked on my projects
  • 01:30pm 
    Light lunch
  • 05:00pm
    Kung Fu session next to the beach
  • 06:30pm
    Cold shower
  • 07:30pm
    Diner followed by some beers

Fiji is also popular for his dive sights! The island doesn’t offer the same prices as in Koh Tao and the Gili Islands, but it is definitely worth to take a look at the life beneath the sea lvl.

During the five days I staid at Bamboo hostel, I was hanging out with my couchsurfing friend Leti. We exchanged a lot of CS stories and our experience while training Muay Thai. Papito, it was pleasure hanging out with you!

Next: travelling with my buddy Nico trough Mexico!


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