Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is dee !

Going from Bangkok to Chiang Mai is an enormous changement.
It’s like going from a 4-loop/2-screw rollercoaster to a carousel.
Peaceful, quiet, nice weather and there are some monks hanging around.

Arriving at 6 am and only being able to check in at 2 pm… Not the best start…
But stay positive is the keyword, so I investigated early-morning Chiang Mai.
I staid at the Coincidence hostel, a really nice and clean hostel with a great staff! 

Two day/one night adventurous trekking

After spending these touristic days in Bangkok, the boyscout in me really needed some fresh air!
A two-day-Indiana-Jones-style-jungle-trip with sleepover was booked.

  • 4 hour hike (muscitos + 32°)
  • Bat cave visit 
  • Sleeping with locals
  • Jungle speed! (A fun board game I brought)
  • Waterfall-swimming/gliding/jumping/crashing
  • Feed and shower an elephant
  • Bamboo rafting -> visit of a longneck village (👎)

Spending the night at the village was an amazing experience!
The bathroom had the same design as the one on the chicken farm in Malaysia:
The toilet was a beautiful hole in the ground and a nice bucket of water was our shower.

At night, dj nature was giving us the best mix he could:

  •  1.000.000 crickets
  • Growling and fighting dogs
  • Chickens

Don’t worry mom, we were sleeping in a closed hut, above the ground 😉

[flickr_set id="72157674119103026" randomize=false]

You follow this road for 20 minutes… A car will wait for you..
If you see snake, you run. – Ice (our guide)

Thanks Carlos, Raquel, Christina, Johannes, Chris, Susie and off course Ice for the awesome trip!
We only saw 1000 bats, a couple of spiders and one snake.

Elephant feeding and showering!

At first I wasn’t really jumping to feed or shower elephants…
Until you’re standing in front of one…

Elephant is like dog, but bigger! – Flok

And it is true! They love to play, eat and getting attention from you!
The gentle way they accept food from you is… Indescribable!

[flickr_set id="72157674214860275"]

Grand canyon

After the jungle-trip, I met Ruben and Mike, two awesome guys from the Netherlands!
We spent the next days at the Chiang Mai Grand Canyon and visited Wat Phra That Doi Suthep.
I had some pretty bad blisters from the trip, so I didn’t jump in the grand canyon.

Apparently someone had a pretty bad accident earlier this year at this place…

Voor elke kuttempel moet je betalen… – Ruben Mutsaers

[flickr_set id="72157674170071376"]

If anyone is planning to go Thailand: Chiang Mai is definitely a place to go!
Thanks Eliza for being an awesome roommate!

Tonight, I’m heading back to Bangkok and on sunday evening I’m travelling to Koh Tao!

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