First days in Bangkok/first real blogpost

First three days in Bangkok are done!

So this is my very first real blogpost…
I’m scared for not doing this properly and as good as I would hope.
Probably I’ll look back on this post in a couple of months and be like *facepalm*
Bref… Let’s do this…

  • Muay thai
  • Royal Palace
  • Wat Pho
  • Golden Mountain

As for every trip, it takes some time in the beginning to get at certain travellers-speed/mode/flow…
But after a day or two, you get to it automatically! The classic “hey, where you from?” still does the trick in every hostel/dorm.
For the first nights, I’m staying at the Good One hostel. And it’s a good one šŸ˜‰
So already the first night, I saw my first real Muay ThaiĀ (Thai-box) competition with some Aussies
and a guy from the US.Ā As a Kung-fu padawan, this was a blast!

Hey Sir! You want pingpong show??

The days after, I spent visitingĀ the real touristic things as Golden Mountain,Ā Wat Pho, The royal Palace…
I visited most of these places with Serif, a cool Turkish guy living in alcohol-free Saudi-Arabia.
As of this moment he’s sitting in front of me, having his last beer before flying back.

Next stop:Ā Chiang mai!

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  1. Great shots Matsy! Enjoy your time!

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