Melbourne – Part 2: Back at the mansion, keyframe bro’s and tourist in town

5 weeks in Melbourne and let us say that I still haven’t seen the top 5 according to¬†Tripadvisor. As a matter of speaking ūüėČ
But to stay in the tourist/traveller mode, I’m still wearing shorts. Yes, 15C¬į and wearing shorts, a typical Belgian thing I would say. (wink Jorge)
Ok, I have to admit that it’s not easy to keep this blog interesting when you’re staying in the same place for a longer time. Especially when you’re spending most of your¬†time working on freelance projects. Which are not the subjects that everyone wants to read about.¬†

Life in Melbourne

As mentioned, it’s been five weeks already in Melbourne. So far the city feels really nice! I’ve already pointed the main reasons out in my previous post. My Belgian buddy Jens made his way to Melbourne, and it feels great to hang out with a good friend from home! Especially after saying hi and goodbye to new friends every three days! He’s planning to stay here for about a year.
At least I have a fellow Motion Design nerd friend to talk bout geek stuff.

I’ve also been able to catch up with Chris, a friend¬†I met in Budapest last year. Together with Inbar and Jens, we all went for Deez Nuts: an Australian Hardcore punk band.
Last week I also joined a local Kung Fu school¬†where I can¬†join trainings. The style is a bit different to¬†what I’m used to do, but it’s a good way to stay in shape.

By the way, if you ever come to Melbourne: make sure to check out this facebook group for free stuff.
I had a free haircut ūüėČ

In general, I’m making myself at home in Melbourne!

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Home at the Mansion

Since last week, I moved back to the hostel where I staid during my first 10 days. I’ve staid in a shared apartment for a while, but I felt much more comfortable in the hostel. Home at the Mansion will be my home for the rest of my stay in Melbourne.
It’s a really clean and comfortable hostel with wonderful people. There is a perfect mix of longterm people and travellers.
+ The staff is awesome !

While writing this post, I realised I should do more things with the people¬†who are staying longterm in the hostel.*thinking out loud…

Tourist in own town

Shorts pulled over our t-shirts, shades on and camera¬†around the neck…
Not exactly, even not after 8 months of exploring the rest of this planet. Anyhow, these are a couple of interesting spots I’ve visited here.

  • Flinders station
    Not as nice as the Antwerp Central station, but close ūüėČ
  • Great Ocean Road
    It’s great and it’s next to the ocean! Good surfspot and perfect for long¬†coast walks
  • Graffiti
    Near Flinders station you can spot some really nice street art
  • St-Kilda
    Penguins, beach and a luna park. There is much more, but discover it by yourself ūüėČ
  • Camberwell market
    A weekly fleemarket where you can buy some interesting relics. Place to be as a traveller

I think this is definitely one of the nicest things about Melbourne: In one hour by tram/train/car you can be in a completely different environment.

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Since I launched myself as a freelancer, I’m getting a decent amount of work. With clients from Vietnam, India and Belgium.
Which is not always easy to organise or plan due to of the time difference. But it keeps me going!
I’m spending a lot of time in the State Library of Victoria, which I consider as¬†my office.
A beautiful spot to focus and get things done!

May the Fourth

04/04/2017 was approaching and the big Star Wars geek in me needed to release some creative steam.
May the fourth is kind of considered Star Wars day coming from the famous quote: “May the force be with you“.
To celebrate this occasion, I created a fake commercial for the famous Mos Eisley Cantina.
This cantina appears in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope 

As a Motion Graphics designer, you sometimes have to focus on personal projects.
To keep the creative juices flowing and not to drown in the less creative but paid projects.

As most of you know, it’s a passion ūüėČ


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